Sunday, March 21, 2010


Who the most delicious or the best cooker in the world? Of course my mom. Why i said like that?because everywhere and anywhere, everytime and anytime, all people always praise their mom cooked is better. so, how about you, my readers?
First of all, i want introduce my mom. Her name is Zamnah Bte Atan. She born in May 13, 1950. Now she 6o years old. She has 6 children include me. Huhuhuhu...She expert in cooking. From her children she can cook very well and better than her foster mother. She live in poor family, so that my grandmother took her to foster mother. My mom don't know her own father. After she married with my father, Abd Samad Bin Serat, she begin to go many competition about cooking. She always get as a winner or second winner. I so proud to be her daughter. Hahahaha.. I love mom my cook. So i want to share with you all my readers my family secret recipe potato bun and chocolate cake.

* 210 gram cake flour
* 300 gram butter
* 90 gram cocoa powder
* 350 ml water
* 300 gram sugar
* 6 egg yolks
* 4 egg white
* 1 teaspoon vanila
#whisk white and butter until pale white.
# add egg yolk one by one.
# add cake flour and cocoa powder
# bake it. to test done, lift a cookie off the tray. if it comes off cleanly, then cookies are done.

potato bun
* 1 kg flour
* 2 instant yeast
* 50 gram milk powder
* 300 gram potato- boiled
* 10 gram salt
* 210 gram custer sugar
* 4 eggs
* 1 spoon improver
* 180 gram butter
* 350 ml water
* 100 gram instant custard
* 400 ml water
# all material into a bowl except water. mix mixture to the bowl clean
# add water little by little to the mixture smooth
# keep 30 minute
# after that, cut the mixture 30 gram
# ball the mixture- keep at the baking tray
# let the mixture expand 2 times
# after the mixture expand, keep the custard into the mixture
# bake it from 20 to 25 minute
# temperature from 200 to 230 c
# after the bun cooked, wipe butter at the bun
My mom also can cook nasi beriyani and the dishes for wedding. If anyone want to taste my mom nasi beriyani for your wedding you can call me at 07-2380772 or 0137567745 . Price can negotiate.
You can learn many recipe at my blog. See you next time.


QieLa said...

huhuhu... I love my mom cook too... nice recipes... I will try it when I have an enough money k. One day your mom can be a chef. Don,t forget to invite me if your mom make a nasi beriani, k...

salwa said...

i hope i can make potato bun more delicous than you...
just a joke

ana said...

my father also the best cooker..
my father also can cook..

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