Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Manage Volunteer Software Developers

When Chad Dickerson started working as the chief technology officer at Etsy, a website at which artisans sell handmade goods, he noticed something curious about the company's Internet traffic. One of the top sources of traffic was a website called Heartomatic, which makes it easy for Etsy fans to tout their favorite items and sellers. It was all the rage -- receiving some 35,000 hits a day -- and sellers praised it on Etsy's forums. "Beware'�once you start checking it will be hard to stop," posted one user. But Etsy had nothing to do with Heartomatic. It was designed by Julian Lievano, an Etsy user who spent two months building it as a labor of love.

The rise of Heartomatic inspired Dickerson to move on an idea Etsy had long been considering: creating an open application programming interface, or API -- a set of programming tools that makes it easier for outside developers to build new applications using Etsy's code. "Feature requests rise up that we aren't always able to build as quickly as we'd like," says Dickerson. With an API, it would be even easier for Etsy fanatics like Lievano to create new features.

Large tech companies such as eBay and have long offered such tools to third-party developers. But use of these programming tools has accelerated recently, says John Musser, who runs, a website that tracks the use of APIs. More than 500 were launched in 2008, about as many as were built in the prior seven years combined, according to Musser. The microblogging site Twitter, for example, receives twice as much traffic from third-party applications as it does from its own website.

To create Etsy's API, Dickerson hired Mashery, a San Francisco start-up that has developed similar tools for The New York Times, Netflix, and Best Buy. Mashery charges $499 a month or more for businesses with fewer than 500 employees. (Larger companies can pay upward of $100,000 a year, plus an initial fee of $10,000 to $50,000.) Mashery completed Etsy's project in a few weeks for a cost Dickerson says was well below the annual salary of one midlevel developer.

Etsy launched the API in March. By April, hundreds of programmers had registered to use it, and some 50 were working on new applications. By May, a developer, Daniel Dickison, had created an iPhone application called Etsy Addict. Customers downloaded Etsy Addict 1,600 times in its first month. The 99-cent fee is shared between Dickison and Apple, but Etsy's CEO, Maria Thomas, says the company has no problem with developers reaping the rewards of their work.

Creating an API isn't for every company. Unless your site can attract the attention of enthusiastic developers, your tools could go unused. There are other drawbacks, too. As Twitter can attest, popular third-party applications can bog down company servers with increased traffic. Oren Michels, CEO of Mashery, says companies can opt to limit the number of times an outside application can access the server each day. Business owners also can restrict developers from gaining access to certain data sets.

Giving outsiders too much control is always a risk. Before launching Etsy's API, Thomas worried about what might happen if a developer were to release something that the company was working on. "There may be times when our goals aren't aligned," she says. "But we're embracing the idea that by opening up, we're going to get a lot more done, a lot faster."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


try my taufu fa

* 1kg kacang soya untuk buat air tahu

* 6liter air

* 25gm saiko @ 8gm GDL

* 50gm tepung keledek

* daun pandan


# reandam kacang soya selama 4jam

# kisar guna bahan pengisar bersama 5 liter air

# asingkan hampas dengan air

# masak 1 liter air hingga separuh mendidih.

# masak susu soya tadi hingga mendidih. kacau supaya tidak hangit. masukkan daun pandan

#masukkan saiko and tepung keledek bersama sedikit air (100ml) ke dalam bekas

# tuang soya telah dimasak dalam bekas campuran saiko and tepung bersama air denga jarak yang tinggi.

#tutup termos tersebut

#kemudian boleh makan


With so many blogs out there, how do you stand out from the crowd???
firstly, learn more about the blogsphere. everything in cyberspace evolves very quickly, so you need to stay abreast of turneds, keep your eyes peeled on blog related news and think about how you can be an early adopter of new trends or technologies. for example, would a new plugin be more helpful to your blog?

secondly, research fresh topics. this is essentially what will keep you readers coming back to your blog for more. find interesting topics and be a master. you'd want them to appear in search engine results.

lastly, actively promote your blog. you need to spend at least half an hour a day making links on social sites to your sites to bring in traffic. comment on others blogs or anything to make yourself visible amid the clutter.

Monday, March 22, 2010


local intranet
intranet icon

intranet homepages
intranet designAn intranet is an information portal designed specifically for the internal communications of small, medium or large businesses, enterprises, governments, industries or financial institutions of any size or complexity. Intranets can be custom-designed to fit the exact needs of businesses no matter where they are situated. Users of intranets consists mainly of:

Members of the executive team.

Accounting and order billing.

Managers and directors.

Sales people and support staff.

Customer service, help desk, etc..

below is extranet module..

this is extranet icon
An extranet is somewhat very similar to an intranet. Extranets are designed specifically to give external, limited access to certain files of your computer systems to:

Certain large or priviledged customers.

Selected industry partners.

Suppliers and subcontractors... etc.

this is extranet design..
Therefore, a carefully designed extranet can bring additional business to your company. Intranets and extranets all have three things in common:

They both use secured Internet access to the outside world.
Both can drastically save your company or organization a lot of money.
Both need a user ID & password to control access to the whole system.

The professional development team at My Web Services has the expertise and the right tools to design the right intranet or extranet that will meet your exact needs, both for today and the future.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Who the most delicious or the best cooker in the world? Of course my mom. Why i said like that?because everywhere and anywhere, everytime and anytime, all people always praise their mom cooked is better. so, how about you, my readers?
First of all, i want introduce my mom. Her name is Zamnah Bte Atan. She born in May 13, 1950. Now she 6o years old. She has 6 children include me. Huhuhuhu...She expert in cooking. From her children she can cook very well and better than her foster mother. She live in poor family, so that my grandmother took her to foster mother. My mom don't know her own father. After she married with my father, Abd Samad Bin Serat, she begin to go many competition about cooking. She always get as a winner or second winner. I so proud to be her daughter. Hahahaha.. I love mom my cook. So i want to share with you all my readers my family secret recipe potato bun and chocolate cake.

* 210 gram cake flour
* 300 gram butter
* 90 gram cocoa powder
* 350 ml water
* 300 gram sugar
* 6 egg yolks
* 4 egg white
* 1 teaspoon vanila
#whisk white and butter until pale white.
# add egg yolk one by one.
# add cake flour and cocoa powder
# bake it. to test done, lift a cookie off the tray. if it comes off cleanly, then cookies are done.

potato bun
* 1 kg flour
* 2 instant yeast
* 50 gram milk powder
* 300 gram potato- boiled
* 10 gram salt
* 210 gram custer sugar
* 4 eggs
* 1 spoon improver
* 180 gram butter
* 350 ml water
* 100 gram instant custard
* 400 ml water
# all material into a bowl except water. mix mixture to the bowl clean
# add water little by little to the mixture smooth
# keep 30 minute
# after that, cut the mixture 30 gram
# ball the mixture- keep at the baking tray
# let the mixture expand 2 times
# after the mixture expand, keep the custard into the mixture
# bake it from 20 to 25 minute
# temperature from 200 to 230 c
# after the bun cooked, wipe butter at the bun
My mom also can cook nasi beriyani and the dishes for wedding. If anyone want to taste my mom nasi beriyani for your wedding you can call me at 07-2380772 or 0137567745 . Price can negotiate.
You can learn many recipe at my blog. See you next time.

Monday, March 15, 2010

20 ways to lose your weight WITHOUT DIET #article mgt 417

You don't have to embark on a tyrannical regime to shed those extra kilos. Weight-loss experts the battle against the bulge is to make small changes in the way you eat and boost your activity level. So here are 2o ways to slim down....

studies show that skipping breakfast is sure recipe for low energy and weight gain. Gladys Wong, Chief Dietician, Alexandra Hospital, and President of Singapore Nutrition & Dietics association, suggest, "Try rolled oats with raisins cooked with water and low fat milk; blend a low fat milk smoothie with fruit and skin for fibre; or have a fresh fruit salad with waffles or low fat yogurt".
a product labelled "healthy", "low calories"or "low fat" isn't necessarily good for your. Cereal bars are often high in sugar, while reduced fat and trans fatty acids. Visit for tips on label reading.
often we finish everything on a plate even if we're not hungry. So, learn to practice portion control. Serve yourself in the kitchen and leave the serving dishes there. If not, you'll be tempted to have seconds. Also, switch from using 10 to 12 inch dinner plates to 7 to 9 inch lunch plates (check out Corelle's Bliss collection, at $13.60 per plate, from leading department stores).


Blue has been shown to be an appetite suppressant. So, try using blue cutlery
or tableware, placing a blue light in the fridge to curb late night raids.


Waiting too long between meals can make you ravenous and more likely to binge. Nutritionists say snacks regularly helps reduce the risk of overeating. But as dietician Gladys warns," This doesn't mean eating three main meals along with three small meals like tea breaks of assorted kuih and curry puffs. The total calorie intake still matters". The key is to bump up the number of meals wihout increasing caloric intake. So, you may save your breakfast fruit for a late morning snack and eat half your tuna sandwich at lunch and the rest later in the afternoon.

Not all fat is bad for you. Fat can help us feel full and satisfied. But, stay away from hydrogenated fats and trans fatty acids, found in margarine and many processed foods, and eat less meat and dairy, as saturated fat can cause obesity and heart problems. Go for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead- omega 3 (oily fish, walnuts) and omega 6 fatty acids (nuts, avocados, sunflowre oil) boost metabolism.


New research from Georgia State University, in the US, confirms the link between watching TV and eating more meals. the study showed the even exercises worked out less on days they ate in front of the telly.


when you get a sugar craving, try sniffing a green apple, banana or peppermint. Studies show that people who inhaled these scents whenever they had a craving ate less and lost more weight. researchers from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago believe these scents affect hunger signals in the brain, helping people feel more satisfied.


Many of us bolt down our meals like there's no tomorrow. So you could be eating more than you need, as the body takes about 20 minutes to register that it's full. To help control your weight, try going slow and really concentrating on the flavours and textures of your food.


We often eat more than we think,forgetting littel extras like the leftovers on the kids' plates. This unconscious eating can add up to an extra 100 calories a day! Try keeping a food diary to trace what you're consuming daily. it'll teach you to think before you put anything in your mouth.


A study by the Marketing Science Institute in the US found that adults served themselves 19 percent more and kids 74 percent more when they used a short, wide glasses. Yet both groups felt they'd drunk less from the short glass. It's a matter of perception: It looks like there's less liquid in short, wide glass.


Research shows that lack of sleep affects the levels of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full,so you'll end craving fatty and sweet foods. Worse still, sleep deprivation will affect your body's ability to burn fat and repair muscles, plus you'll find it tougher to exercise.


If you're hungry, avoid calorie-rich crackers and cookies and go instesd for foods with fewer calories per gram. This way, you can eat larger portions which will make you feel fuller. Look for snacks which are full of water and fibre, like raw vegetables with a few tablespoons of hummus, broth-based soups and fruit like apples, oranges and pears. High-fibre and protein-rich nuts are also a heart-healthy choice.


A mirror by the fridge or table may be all you need to keep eating haelthier. When 1,300 people given full-fat, reduced fat, or fat free spreads in a study, those who denied in front of mirrors ate 22 to 32 percent less of the full-fat versions than those wihtout mirrors. The study finds that when you need to make food choices in front of mirror, you may think twice about what you eat.


Eat first, shop later. Studies show that women who shop on empty tummy are more likely to bring home more food than they need including unhealthy snacks. So, make a grocery list before going and stickto it.


If you never eat fries, cookies, and ice-cream, you will feel deprived and eat even more overtime. So, have one of your fave foods daily, but savour it in small portions.

The next time your fingers wander to the cookie jar or snack drawer, have a glass of water instead. Research shows that many of us mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking water can fill stomach and make you less likely to overeat. Plus, it helps breakdown the body fat, to be excreted through the urine..


You can trick your senses into believing you've eaten more. Pick a snack that looks bigger or fluffier, like a foamy latte or a low-cal smoothie. Irregular-shaped foods like salads and high-fibre cereals also give the impression you're consuming more don't pack neatly into a dish.


Increasing fibre intake is a great way to control your weight. In a 12week study of 35 overweight women, those who ate three pears or apples a day lost 30 percent more weight than those similar diet without the added fruit. Researchers believe that fruit's high fibre, low-calorie combination helps curb overeating because the fibre leaves you feeling full on lower calories. Another way to include more fibre in your diet is to swap a carb for veggie. So, if you subtitute half a cup of rice with half a cup of cooked vegetables, you could save over 100 calories a day.


One study showed that dieter who ate three serving of yogurt a day (1100 mg of calcium) for 12weeks lost 22 percent more weight and 61 percent more fat than those who only received 500 mg of mineral. Eating more dairy may lower levels of cortisol, a hormone that steers fat to the belly, so you lose more fat from your middle. Additional reserch shows that calcium a fat cell has, the more fat the cell will burn. To meet your daily requirement, go for skim milk, low-fat cheese and non-fat yogurt.

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