Saturday, August 21, 2010


salam, da lama tak update blog i. today i beli handset baru.
tak tahu la nak beli handset apa...
setelah buat survey dan segalanya i berminat dengan sony erricson tapi tak ingat model apa...
tapi tak de WiFi pulak..i nak ade WiFi...
i buat survey lagi ke kedai lain..
i tertarik kat satu model csl ni..macam nokia e 71..
amoi tanye budget berapa??
i jawab RM400 only..
so amoi 2 wat suggestion blueberry 9500..
okey jugak tapi harga handset ni RM500..
terlebih plak dari budget..hahahahahahaha
kawan i pon tawar menawar dengan amoi tu sampai la dapat RM400..
pandai x kawan i bab tawar menawar..
phone best jugak la functionnye just i tak tahu sejauh mana bagusnye phone ni...
berapa lama phone ni bertahan??warranty phone tu setahun je..
total i bayar for this phone is RM420 including screen protector, memory card 4gb, bekas for that handset... okey tak harga tu??
kalau u all ada story baik or buruk pasal phone bagitahu i taw..
i main beli je phone coz bagi i murah, tak tahu tempat lain lagi murah ke dari tempat i beli ni..

Saturday, August 14, 2010


jom kawan-kawan pergi bazar BBU (bandar baru uda) di johor bahru. especially go to my booth. hanya booth kami sahaja menjual air buah-buahan segar. pelbagai jus buah-buahan like epal, nenas, tembikai, orange and banana milk on request. bukan setakat jus buah-buahan sahaja tapi ais blended buah-buahan pon ada..kami juga menjual kuih raya yang murah-murah..nak order pon boleh.. so, come to our booth. jus buah-buahan janji sedap. tak cuba tak tahu..cuba sekali pasti nak lagi.. sape-sape duduk johor bahru mari la datang bazar bbu..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Manage Volunteer Software Developers

When Chad Dickerson started working as the chief technology officer at Etsy, a website at which artisans sell handmade goods, he noticed something curious about the company's Internet traffic. One of the top sources of traffic was a website called Heartomatic, which makes it easy for Etsy fans to tout their favorite items and sellers. It was all the rage -- receiving some 35,000 hits a day -- and sellers praised it on Etsy's forums. "Beware'�once you start checking it will be hard to stop," posted one user. But Etsy had nothing to do with Heartomatic. It was designed by Julian Lievano, an Etsy user who spent two months building it as a labor of love.

The rise of Heartomatic inspired Dickerson to move on an idea Etsy had long been considering: creating an open application programming interface, or API -- a set of programming tools that makes it easier for outside developers to build new applications using Etsy's code. "Feature requests rise up that we aren't always able to build as quickly as we'd like," says Dickerson. With an API, it would be even easier for Etsy fanatics like Lievano to create new features.

Large tech companies such as eBay and have long offered such tools to third-party developers. But use of these programming tools has accelerated recently, says John Musser, who runs, a website that tracks the use of APIs. More than 500 were launched in 2008, about as many as were built in the prior seven years combined, according to Musser. The microblogging site Twitter, for example, receives twice as much traffic from third-party applications as it does from its own website.

To create Etsy's API, Dickerson hired Mashery, a San Francisco start-up that has developed similar tools for The New York Times, Netflix, and Best Buy. Mashery charges $499 a month or more for businesses with fewer than 500 employees. (Larger companies can pay upward of $100,000 a year, plus an initial fee of $10,000 to $50,000.) Mashery completed Etsy's project in a few weeks for a cost Dickerson says was well below the annual salary of one midlevel developer.

Etsy launched the API in March. By April, hundreds of programmers had registered to use it, and some 50 were working on new applications. By May, a developer, Daniel Dickison, had created an iPhone application called Etsy Addict. Customers downloaded Etsy Addict 1,600 times in its first month. The 99-cent fee is shared between Dickison and Apple, but Etsy's CEO, Maria Thomas, says the company has no problem with developers reaping the rewards of their work.

Creating an API isn't for every company. Unless your site can attract the attention of enthusiastic developers, your tools could go unused. There are other drawbacks, too. As Twitter can attest, popular third-party applications can bog down company servers with increased traffic. Oren Michels, CEO of Mashery, says companies can opt to limit the number of times an outside application can access the server each day. Business owners also can restrict developers from gaining access to certain data sets.

Giving outsiders too much control is always a risk. Before launching Etsy's API, Thomas worried about what might happen if a developer were to release something that the company was working on. "There may be times when our goals aren't aligned," she says. "But we're embracing the idea that by opening up, we're going to get a lot more done, a lot faster."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


try my taufu fa

* 1kg kacang soya untuk buat air tahu

* 6liter air

* 25gm saiko @ 8gm GDL

* 50gm tepung keledek

* daun pandan


# reandam kacang soya selama 4jam

# kisar guna bahan pengisar bersama 5 liter air

# asingkan hampas dengan air

# masak 1 liter air hingga separuh mendidih.

# masak susu soya tadi hingga mendidih. kacau supaya tidak hangit. masukkan daun pandan

#masukkan saiko and tepung keledek bersama sedikit air (100ml) ke dalam bekas

# tuang soya telah dimasak dalam bekas campuran saiko and tepung bersama air denga jarak yang tinggi.

#tutup termos tersebut

#kemudian boleh makan


With so many blogs out there, how do you stand out from the crowd???
firstly, learn more about the blogsphere. everything in cyberspace evolves very quickly, so you need to stay abreast of turneds, keep your eyes peeled on blog related news and think about how you can be an early adopter of new trends or technologies. for example, would a new plugin be more helpful to your blog?

secondly, research fresh topics. this is essentially what will keep you readers coming back to your blog for more. find interesting topics and be a master. you'd want them to appear in search engine results.

lastly, actively promote your blog. you need to spend at least half an hour a day making links on social sites to your sites to bring in traffic. comment on others blogs or anything to make yourself visible amid the clutter.

Monday, March 22, 2010


local intranet
intranet icon

intranet homepages
intranet designAn intranet is an information portal designed specifically for the internal communications of small, medium or large businesses, enterprises, governments, industries or financial institutions of any size or complexity. Intranets can be custom-designed to fit the exact needs of businesses no matter where they are situated. Users of intranets consists mainly of:

Members of the executive team.

Accounting and order billing.

Managers and directors.

Sales people and support staff.

Customer service, help desk, etc..

below is extranet module..

this is extranet icon
An extranet is somewhat very similar to an intranet. Extranets are designed specifically to give external, limited access to certain files of your computer systems to:

Certain large or priviledged customers.

Selected industry partners.

Suppliers and subcontractors... etc.

this is extranet design..
Therefore, a carefully designed extranet can bring additional business to your company. Intranets and extranets all have three things in common:

They both use secured Internet access to the outside world.
Both can drastically save your company or organization a lot of money.
Both need a user ID & password to control access to the whole system.

The professional development team at My Web Services has the expertise and the right tools to design the right intranet or extranet that will meet your exact needs, both for today and the future.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Who the most delicious or the best cooker in the world? Of course my mom. Why i said like that?because everywhere and anywhere, everytime and anytime, all people always praise their mom cooked is better. so, how about you, my readers?
First of all, i want introduce my mom. Her name is Zamnah Bte Atan. She born in May 13, 1950. Now she 6o years old. She has 6 children include me. Huhuhuhu...She expert in cooking. From her children she can cook very well and better than her foster mother. She live in poor family, so that my grandmother took her to foster mother. My mom don't know her own father. After she married with my father, Abd Samad Bin Serat, she begin to go many competition about cooking. She always get as a winner or second winner. I so proud to be her daughter. Hahahaha.. I love mom my cook. So i want to share with you all my readers my family secret recipe potato bun and chocolate cake.

* 210 gram cake flour
* 300 gram butter
* 90 gram cocoa powder
* 350 ml water
* 300 gram sugar
* 6 egg yolks
* 4 egg white
* 1 teaspoon vanila
#whisk white and butter until pale white.
# add egg yolk one by one.
# add cake flour and cocoa powder
# bake it. to test done, lift a cookie off the tray. if it comes off cleanly, then cookies are done.

potato bun
* 1 kg flour
* 2 instant yeast
* 50 gram milk powder
* 300 gram potato- boiled
* 10 gram salt
* 210 gram custer sugar
* 4 eggs
* 1 spoon improver
* 180 gram butter
* 350 ml water
* 100 gram instant custard
* 400 ml water
# all material into a bowl except water. mix mixture to the bowl clean
# add water little by little to the mixture smooth
# keep 30 minute
# after that, cut the mixture 30 gram
# ball the mixture- keep at the baking tray
# let the mixture expand 2 times
# after the mixture expand, keep the custard into the mixture
# bake it from 20 to 25 minute
# temperature from 200 to 230 c
# after the bun cooked, wipe butter at the bun
My mom also can cook nasi beriyani and the dishes for wedding. If anyone want to taste my mom nasi beriyani for your wedding you can call me at 07-2380772 or 0137567745 . Price can negotiate.
You can learn many recipe at my blog. See you next time.
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