Thursday, February 25, 2010

I got a feeling!

hello eryone..this is 2nd post for mgt 417. I want tell you about teamwork. What is teamwork? Why i want tell you about teamwork not tell you about other else. Because teamwork is effect to our life. What the meaning of teamwork?? did you know it?? Teamwork is the capability to comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths and abilities in a group setting and then applying them to one final solution. Several all of you already knows about teamwork, did they knows how to build a teamwork culture??

  1. Get people recognize with each other. Conduct exercises and hold team days so that all members feel comfortable approaching with each other.

  2. Create specific projects that depend on teamwork and allow people to form teams to tackle the problem together.

  3. Publish teams and successful teamwork. When a team forms, provide the resources it needs and let everyone know how the team is progressing.

  4. A successful team requires that each member feels like a valuable part of the team. Make eye contact and speak with all people present, not just the more vocal or comfortable members. Also, do follow-up with different members of the team to make sure that they're happy and to get ideas from them on how to improve teamwork within the group members.

That the teamwork culture. If all of you successful to fullfill this step of teamwork culture, that you is awesome in teamwork. Why i'm took the video i got the feeling at the above my post because i want all of you can take some lesson from that video. Did you think how Chicago people from channel Oprah Winfrey can dance very awesome and equally?? Everyone have the experience in teamwork.In my experience such as camping and also in university. If group one of group members in not good attitude so that it effect to other members. In teamwork, all group member have their important characteristics. In addition, iwant my readers realize that teamwork or cooperation in one group is very important.


QieLa said...

Teamwork is important whether when we studying or when we work. It is to ensure whether our work is good or not. If our teamwork good, what ever we do we can achieve it. So, build a good teamwork k.

ana said...

yes...that right...
i totally agree with your post...
at university teamwork is important..

salwa said...

i got the feeling..
i love oprah road show..
that i do in my group assigment..
so important..
i love group than individual assigment because my group have good teamwork..

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